These are the terms and conditions that cover the use of our application service. We encourage you to read carefully these terms and ensure that you understand them before using our services.


We are not a University or College, neither do we offer admission.

What We do

We simply collect your information and send them to the respective university, this service requires that you pay the processing fee.

The Information We Collect

We collect your biographical details, supporting documents, and other application information

What does the Processing Fee Cover?

We require the processing fee so that we can complete your application accordingly. This fee covers operational costs such as web hosting, utilities, and payment of agents.

What does the processing fee not cover?

The processing fee does not cover the application fee the university or college may require. in the case where you have to pay the application fee, we will let you know through the ticket system.

How long does the application take?

In an ideal situation where you [the client] responds promptly, in less than an hour, your application should be completed and processed.